News on Nationals: Rumors and gossip

TOPEKA, Kan. (April 3rd, 2019) -- With all the posts on social media, we thought it would be wise to take the opportunity and make sure all the information out there is accurate.

The first item we want to address is that the Midwest flooding has not, and will not, impact the use of Lincoln Air Park.  While the U.S. Air Force will be moving more planes there while Offutt AFB is dealing with the flood and its aftermath, the folks at LAP have been diligent to make sure that their presence will not disrupt the usage of the site for any SCCA event planned, whether it be Nationals, Spring Nationals, or the Nebraska Region events.  

The second item is about the asphalt being laid down at the site.  While this is accurate, the location of the paving does NOT impact the Nationals course area. It will however cause a relocation of the T&T course.  We will have all the details, along with a map, after our annual site set up in mid-May.  Also affected will be the location of various event functions (Registration check-in, Tech, BFT, entrance gate, etc.) as well as all of their related traffic patterns. Those will also be decided upon during the set up weekend.