CONE and Get It- Classics are back at blipshift

Those pesky pylons are shaking in their boxes, as blipshift is bringing back a grid of race-ready tees for The Apex Everything Sale, including these three cone-killing designs. From noon Eastern Time on March 28 thru April 1st (no joke) 25+ classic apparel designs are making a comeback for a limited time, plus tons of other swag to apex everything with.

Check out the designs below and the sale at 


Get Skidward IV

Focus on the track. The open unintimidating track. Focus on the track. There is nothing but the track. FOCUS ON THE CONES. WE'RE HEADING TOWARDS THE CONES.

Cone Shall Pass II

I move...for no ma—*VRRROOOMM*  OOHH I see. Driving away, eh?



Sideways & Smiling III

So your throttle application needs a bit of work. Your inputs aren't as smooth as they could be. But, man you can catch and hold a mean slide. Today isn't your day to be top of the time sheets, but you're definitely having the most fun out there.

Check out the sale HERE. Get them before they're gone again!