August 14th
  • Wristbands

Rubber wristbands will once again be available. The process to receive one will be just like in 2018. As a reminder, everyone will receive a paper wristband when they enter the gate. When each competitor checks-in for the ProSolo Finale or Solo Nationals they will receive one of the rubber wristbands.

  • Site Etiquette

As we enter the 11th year of running at Lincoln Air Park we want to remind everyone that this is a Solo site just like everyone else has in their Region. We would like everyone to treat LAP just like they would their local site. This means helping keep the site clean, watching speeds and avoiding area’s that are restricted (such as crossing the snow fence). Just like with other sites the eyes of LAP have noticed some instances of horseplay around the site. They have specifically mentioned it to us and to help us keep the site please treat it with respect as you would your own regions site.

We also would like to give you all a heads up that many racetracks require all drivers of golf carts carry insurance specific to the golf carts. While this isn’t something, we want to put in place it is something we, unfortunately, have had to discuss possibly doing. It won’t be required this year but is something we might discuss for the future depending on how carts are treated.


  • Paddock Limitations

1) All conveyance vehicles, to include golf carts, bicycles, trikes, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, etc. MUST be equipped with at least one front light, and one rear light when operated after dusk, and prior to dawn. Preference would be two front lights and at least one rear light. Rear light should be red and front light(s) should be white, but as long as the vehicle can be clearly seen during dark hours of operation, a combination is acceptable. 

2) Speeds in Paddock as well as other areas will be monitored by radar reading and will be a max of 12 mph.

3) Rules of the road shall apply, including paddock lanes, and all other areas inside the Nationals compound. This includes stopping at intersections and proceeding with caution, watching out for pedestrian traffic as well as other conveyances, no horseplay in or on any conveyance vehicle including golf carts and other units listed above. There shall be no ramp jumping, racing, tire warming, or reckless operation of any vehicle inside Nationals gated and fenced area. 

4) Tire cleaning shall be confined to the tire cleaning area only. No donuts or other reckless operation of any vehicle inside the compound.

5) Areas outside of Nationals gated area, including approach and entry roads, shall not be used for tire warming, tuning, or anything other than a route to and from the Nationals compound. Posted speed limits should be observed.

6) Quiet time runs from 10 PM till 6 AM. Please consider your neighbors during that time. Loud generators must not operate during quiet hours. 

7) Paddock Marshal (safety) is Phil Osborne. If any issues arise in the paddock, my cell number is 214 288 3922. I will be on-site 24 hours and will respond to calls anytime. In addition, there will be others working/patrolling paddock in a golf cart marked Paddock or paddock safety.  

  • Victory Circle

The 2018 Victory Circle concept was washed away with the flood, but we are building it back, bigger and better than before!  Immediately after Wednesday and Friday heats, championship cars will be escorted to Victory Circle where podium finishers and class trophy winners are invited to join in for a photo opportunity.  Photos will be made available after the event, keep your eyes open for more information soon!

  • Mazda Cornhole Tournament

Attention Mazda Drivers- get signed up for Mazda Motorsports’ 2019 3rdAnnual Solo Nationals Cornhole Tournament!  That’s right, cornhole is back at the Mazda tent (Monday, September 2 @ 1:30 pm).  Grab a bud, pick a team name and sign up and you can win a $500 parts credit at racer price.  Sign up at