Ft. Myers Match Tour - 5 reasons to go!

March is rapidly approaching, and along with it comes the first Tire Rack Solo National event of the year: The Ft. Myers Match Tour. What better way to get the year started right, than to come to the inaugural Match Tour, in sunny warm Florida? Here are five reasons why the Ft. Myers Match Tour is a must-stop along your way to Nationals.

1: Kick-off. Ft. Myers is the perfect chance to shake off the cobwebs and dive head first into competition. It's the first chance for people to see who the real challengers, cars and drivers, are going to be in the upcoming season.

2: There is a Pro Solo there the very next weekend! Your competitors at the ProSolo are going to be at the Match Tour getting a jump on dialing in their car. Do you really want to be left behind?  Of course you don’t!  You’re a driver, you’re a winner!

3: Did we mention that there is a Pro Solo there the very next weekend! Hellooooo!! Florida vaca anyone?!!  You have beautiful Sanibel Island for maxin and relaxin.  Or maybe doing some shell hunting, if that is your thing. Maybe you’re a fan of sports that need only one ball.  Did you know there are Spring training games going on during the week?  Not into baseball?  Oh the huge manatee!  Speaking of which, you could check out all the huge manatees here: https://travel.usnews.com/Fort_Myers_FL/Things_To_Do/Manatee_Park_20117/  Besides all of that, there are quite a few great Restaurants and breweries in the area, sure to help you unwind between events

4: Concrete. Fast. Transitions. What a great way to start that Lincoln dial in. Courses at Ft. Myer are generally of the "runway" variety: long, more transitional, and fast! The site layout and course designs provide opportunities for both horsepower and handling to shine.

5: Uh, it’s Florida people!  Even Atlanta, aka “Hot-lanta, is in the middle of winter like temps.  Get out, get away, and get to where the weather is nice, the cars are fast, the competition is fierce and shake off those winter blues!

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